File Availability
File Name Description Released Time Download
Test.fasta The test set of AnnoPRO. 2023.10.11
Train.fasta The training set of AnnoPRO. 2023.10.11
Valid.fasta The valid set of AnnoPRO. 2023.10.11
Code Availability
1. You can reach the code by GitHub at:
2. You can follow this way to install AnnoPro to your env:
pip install annopro
or install from source code as following steps:
git clone
cd AnnoPRO
conda create -n annopro python=3.8
conda activate annopro
pip install .
Code Usage
Use it as a terminal command. For all parameters, type annopro -h
annopro -i test_proteins.fasta -o output
Use it as a python executable package
python -m annopro -i test_proteins.fasta -o output
Use it as a library to integrated with your project.
from annopro import main
main("test_proteins.fasta", "output")
The result is displayed in the ./output/bp(cc,mf)_result.csv.
Notice: if you use annopro for the first time, annopro will automatically download required resources when they are used (lazy download mechanism)